Out of touch for a while

I was just browsing through my stuff, and it looks like I haven't actually posted here since about September of 2009. It's been a little while, I guess. It's not that I've forgotten, or lost interest, but time has been less available. I made my last post not too long before leaving my previous job, and joining a company that has kept my brain busy for over a year now. I'm loving my current work, but the fact is that with a job that is keeping me more intellectually engaged, I have less energy to spend on other interests. In addition to that, I'm on the verge of packing up my family and moving the hell out of Utah into an environment that fits us a little bit better. That's going to take up even more of my time until some point in July. So, with all the time I don't have, why am I posting now? I'm taking total advantage of being a couch potato on a Sunday. We've been packing things, showing the house, and doing all the stuff around that, and I'm just tired. I'm gonna sit for a while. Maybe all day.

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